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Ben Shapiro: Anger for Anger’s Sake

July 10, 2019

In the last two weeks, America has learned that a bevy of heretofore relatively uncontroversial objects and ideas are, in fact, extraordinarily controversial. We have learned that the Betsy Ross [...]

Erick Erickson: Fighting Over the Body

May 12, 2019

Read about a lot of high-profile deaths and you find families fighting over the corpses. They’ve long since stopped arguing about issues; they just want control over the body, and maybe an [...]

Michelle Malkin: Nancy Pelosi’s Perv Problem

April 12, 2019

If you’re a sleazy male Democrat, you can always count on Nancy Pelosi to run interference for you and your pervy proclivities. While she has soaked up plaudits as a champion for women (most [...]

Joe Biden Watch Gets Interesting!

October 17, 2015

Like many conservatives, I’m feeling pretty darn confident (maybe a little too confident) that Hillary Clinton won’t be able to beat many, if not all, of the top remaining Republicans in [...]