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Marijuana Legalization Skeptic Turned Advocate

April 13, 2015

Our Take! In this article published by Time, author Bruce Barcott explains why he was initially against the legalization of pot, but changed his mind after two years of positive effects in the state [...]

U.N. Asked to Ban Killer Robots

April 9, 2015

Our Take! Human Rights Watch and Harvard Law School is urging the United Nations to ban killer robots before they come into existence. Looks like the U.N. is SO GOOD at everything else that it does [...]

Tech Titans Look to Defy Death

April 6, 2015

Our Take! Technological advances have frightened people for ages. When companies like Apple or Google float ideas like automated cars or augmented reality glasses, many people perceive a move toward [...]

Let Jews Defend Themselves From Terrorism

March 27, 2015

By Stephen P. Halbrook Europe’s firearm policies should be reformed to enable Jews to defend their communities and institutions against terrorist attacks. That demand came from Rabbi Menachem [...]

Could This Be the Case That Ends Obamacare?

March 24, 2015

By Justin Haskins State officials in Ohio filed a lawsuit on Monday, Jan. 26 alleging Obamacare tax assessments against government agencies are unconstitutional. Unsurprisingly, the case was covered [...]
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