FOX News Poll Says Rubio GOP Favorite

April 27, 2015

Our Take! According to a new Fox News poll, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is the GOP favorite. While not everyone here at NRDP agrees, THIS writer thinks Mr. Rubio is the absolute best candidate to take [...]

Dawn of National Police Force

April 21, 2015

Our Take The move toward a national police force is inevitable. So far, this is a small step in that direction, but more will surely follow. As more controversies about the police and their [...]

Marijuana Legalization Skeptic Turned Advocate

April 13, 2015

Our Take! In this article published by Time, author Bruce Barcott explains why he was initially against the legalization of pot, but changed his mind after two years of positive effects in the state [...]

U.N. Asked to Ban Killer Robots

April 9, 2015

Our Take! Human Rights Watch and Harvard Law School is urging the United Nations to ban killer robots before they come into existence. Looks like the U.N. is SO GOOD at everything else that it does [...]

Let Jews Defend Themselves From Terrorism

March 27, 2015

By Stephen P. Halbrook Europe’s firearm policies should be reformed to enable Jews to defend their communities and institutions against terrorist attacks. That demand came from Rabbi Menachem [...]

Analysis: Cruz Has Slim Chance in 2016 Race

March 23, 2015

Our Take! Ted Cruz may be a favorite of many conservatives, and I admit I’d love to see him be president, but the myriad poor political (not ideological) choices he has made over the past four [...]

Obamacare is Destroying Rural Hospitals

March 19, 2015

Our Take! Although the Affordable Care Act was designed to help low-income Americans, one of the groups being hit hardest by the law is low-income rural Americans, who now face massive shortages in [...]

Is Marco Rubio the Favorite for GOP in 2016?

March 13, 2015

Our Take! Ever since Sen. Rubio made the grave error of going against his base on a meaningless immigration bill that ended up dying in Congress, he’s been on the outs with most conservatives. [...]

Obamacare Gets Pricey!

March 9, 2015

Our Take! It should come as no surprise that the Congressional Budget Office is predicting big premium increases for Obamacare. After all, THIS IS EXACTLY what conservatives warned the nation about [...]
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