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WATCH: Why Socialism Kills Freedom of Speech

December 22, 2018

When the Collective is king, the individual is left with nothing … including his or her freedom! To watch more “Five Minutes of Freedom” videos by Justin Haskins, click here. PHOTO: [...]

LISTEN NOW: The Glenn Beck Radio Program

December 11, 2018

Listen now to “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” and hear conservative radio and television icon Glenn Beck and “World of Stu” host Stu Burguiere discuss America’s most [...]

LISTEN NOW: The Ben Shapiro Show

December 11, 2018

“Facts don’t care about your feelings.” Listen now to “The Ben Shapiro Show” and hear Ben explain how to fix America’s biggest problems. PHOTO: Ben Shapiro [...]

LISTEN NOW: The Dan Bongino Show

December 11, 2018

Listen to New York Times best-selling author Dan Bongino tackle the news of the day on his highly popular “Dan Bongino Show.” PHOTO: Dan Bongino speaking at the 2014 Conservative [...]

LISTEN NOW: Pat Gray Unleashed

December 11, 2018

Listen to “Pat Gray Unleashed,” where the Blaze Media’s Pat Gray explains how America can get back on track. PHOTO: Radio microphone. Photo by iStock user [...]

LISTEN NOW: In the Tank Podcast

December 11, 2018

A fun, no-holds-barred podcast about life, liberty, and … Star Wars? Listen to Donny, John, Justin, and other experts at The Heartland Institute, a national pro-liberty think tank, as they [...]

WATCH: The Ugly Truth About Socialism

December 7, 2018

Conservative commentator and think tank research fellow Justin Haskins explains what Karl Marx’s socialism is and briefly outlines some of socialism’s biggest flaws. Haskins is the [...]

Top 100 Conservative Websites in November 2018

November 9, 2018

Below is New Revere Daily Press’ and’s official list of the Top 100 Conservative Websites on the Internet for November 2018. CLICK HERE FOR OUR MOST RECENT RANKINGS. [...]
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