How Did Socialists Perform in 2018 Midterm Elections? Better Than You Might Think.

Bernie Sanders Campaign Speech and Rally

The following list shows the election victories and losses for socialist candidates running for office during the 2018 midterm elections. The list was created by the team at

How did we define “socialist” when constructing this list?: This list includes all candidates for governor, U.S. House, and U.S. Senate endorsed by Our Revolution (Bernie Sanders’ far-left political group) and/or the Democratic Socialists of America, the largest socialist organization in the United States. It also includes all state legislative candidates that support/are members of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Some important highlights: This list includes 86 separate races in 35 states. We tracked 30 state legislative seats, five gubernatorial races, one state AG, 46 U.S. House seats, and four U.S. Senate seats. We discovered socialist candidates lost 52 of those races and won 34 (39.5 percent). If uncontested races are excluded, socialist candidates received on average 49 percent of the vote. Their principal opponent received on average 46.9 percent of the vote. On average, socialist candidates’ performed 2 percentage points better than their principal opponent, if uncontested races are excluded. With uncontested races included, socialists on average won by 11.1 percentage points.

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Socialist Candidates in 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections

Candidate Name (Last)SOfficePartyWin or Loss in 2018
GallegoAZU.S. HouseDWIN
GrijalvaAZU.S. HouseDWIN
BecklesCACalif. HouseDLOSS
Campa-NajjarCAU.S. HouseDLOSS
de LeonCAU.S. SenateDLOSS
DenneyCAU.S. HouseDLOSS
EstradaCACalif. HouseDLOSS
KimCACalif. SenateDWIN
LevinCAU.S. HouseDWIN
PorterCAU.S. HouseDLOSS
RoudaCAU.S. HouseDLOSS
GonzalesCOColorado Sen.DWIN
FontaineCTConn. HouseDLOSS
FloresFLU.S. HouseDLOSS
GillumFLFlorida Gov.DLOSS
PatelFLU.S. HouseDLOSS
AbramsGAGeorgia Gov.DLOSS
GabbardHIU.S. HouseDWIN
PerrusoHIHawaii HouseDWIN
ScholtenIAU.S. HouseDLOSS
JordanIDIdaho Gov.DLOSS
GarciaILU.S. HouseDWIN
WatsonINU.S. HouseDLOSS
ThompsonKSU.S. HouseDLOSS
WalkerKYU.S. HouseDLOSS
TrundleLAU.S. HouseDLOSS
McGovernMAU.S. HouseDWIN
PressleyMAU.S. HouseDWIN
AceveroMDMD HouseDWIN
RaskinMDU.S. HouseDWIN
StewartMDMD HouseDWIN
MeleMEMaine HouseDLOSS
RingelsteinMEU.S. SenateDLOSS
SylvesterMEMaine HouseDWIN
TlaibMIU.S. HouseDWIN
EllisonMNMinn. AGDWIN
OmarMNU.S. HouseDWIN
BahrMTMont. HouseDWIN
MarquezMTMont. HouseDLOSS
HortonNCU.S. HouseDLOSS
BuffaloNDND HouseDWIN
CoryellNENeb. SenateILOSS
DavisNENeb. SenateILOSS
EastmanNEU.S. HouseDLOSS
HaalandNMU.S. HouseDWIN
BalterNYU.S. HouseDLOSS
KirchgessnerNYNY SenateD/WFPLOSS
Ocasio-CortezNYU.S. HouseDWIN
SalazarNYNY SenateDWIN
ShirleyNYU.S. HouseDLOSS
FiedlerPAPenn. HouseDWIN
InnamoratoPAPenn. HouseDWIN
LeePAPenn. HouseDWIN
SealePAPenn. HouseDLOSS
GerenSCU.S. HouseDLOSS
CreasyTNTenn. HouseDLOSS
NelsonTNTenn. HouseDLOSS
RobinsonTNTenn. SenateDWIN
SalinasTNTenn. SenateDLOSS
EscobarTXU.S. HouseDWIN
FaganTXU.S. HouseDLOSS
HolguinTXU.S. HouseDLOSS
O’RourkeTXU.S. SenateDLOSS
SiegelTXU.S. HouseDLOSS
SingerUTU.S. HouseDLOSS
CockburnVAU.S. HouseDLOSS
FlaccaventoVAU.S. HouseDLOSS
LewisVAU.S. HouseDLOSS
HallquistVTVermont Gov.DLOSS
SandersVTU.S. SenateIWIN
JayapalWAU.S. HouseDWIN
MorganWAWash. HouseDWIN
SmithWAU.S. HouseDLOSS
SmithWAWash. HouseDLOSS
BryceWIU.S. HouseDLOSS
PocanWIU.S. HouseDWIN

PHOTO: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at the Paul R. Knapp Learning Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo by Gage Skidmore. Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Justin Haskins