Environmental Left Wants to Eliminate More than Your Carbon Footprint

Bill McKibben

Radical Population Control and America’s Future

The following article was authored by Donald Kendal, a long-time contributor to NRDP, a graphic designer at The Heartland Institute, and the co-host of the In the Tank podcast. Too often, population control ideas are discussed amongst conservatives, libertarians, and even political moderates as though they have relatively little, if any, effect on public policy. This is a huge mistake. Although the population control movement is small, it is extremely influential, especially in the Democratic Party and universities. Bill McKibben, a notorious radical environmentalist and noted advocate of encouraging people to avoid having kids to “save the planet” was a key member of a committee that helped to shape the Democratic Party’s 2016 platform.

Articles like the one below are vital. If moral arguments against population control aren’t made, and if those advocating for population control aren’t publicly criticized, the movement will only continue to grow dramatically. Tell your neighbors. Tell your friends. Let people know this is happening and how dangerous this movement is becoming.


Environmental Left Wants to Eliminate More than Your Carbon Footprint
By Donald Kendal

Most Americans cringe at the thought of government enacting population control measures and plans to curb fertility rates. The notion of injecting partisan bureaucrats into the deeply personal decision to have children is patently contrary to the ideas of American independence and liberty. But that’s not stopping a growing movement within the environmental left that is now adopting these radical plans in the name of fighting global warming.

Although population control remains safely in the fringe of the political sphere, advocates of this beta-anti-humanism are starting to feel safer coming out of the closet with their true beliefs, a remarkably disturbing development.

Earlier in January, HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines announced they were expecting their fifth child. Along with the expected messages of celebration and support, the couple also faced backlash over this joyous news. For instance, critics on Twitter wrote, “I like them ok but enough with the kids already,” and, “Thank you for contributing to the over population of the planet.” A Facebook user added to the outrage by writing, “Overpopulation is killing the planet. Having another child is an irresponsible act.”

Instead of rejecting these unconventional responses, some on the left have embraced them. In an especially egregious opinion article, Canadian Broadcasting Company contributor Kristen Pyszczyk made the case for increasing the condemnation of people who have children.

“Procreation is becoming a global public health concern, rather than a personal decision. So when people do irresponsible things like having five children, we absolutely need to be calling them out,” Pyszczyk wrote.

“Shame is a powerful tool for changing behaviour,” and “we need to go much further,” she added.

Some might feel inclined to write Pyszczyk’s article off as a bizarre one-off opinion produced by a solitary kook writer, but the truth is … READ MORE at The Daily Caller.

Donald Kendal (dkendal@heartland.org) is co-host of Heartland’s In The Tank podcast – a show that explores policies, politics, and the work of think tanks across the country.

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PHOTO: Bill McKibben speaking with supporters of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders at a student meeting at Southern New Hampshire University in Hooksett, New Hampshire. Photo by Gage Skidmore.