New TV Series Focuses on America’s Heartland

Heartlandia TV series. Carbon TV.

If you’re not familiar with CarbonTV, you should be. It and channels like it are the future of television. CarbonTV features numerous original, high-quality video content focusing mostly on topics of interest to the “outdoor enthusiast,” but it also features a number of shows that highlight blue-collar America. Many of the shows on CarbonTV are filmed in a style that’s similar to mini documentaries or other popular reality TV shows.

Just some of their awesome shows include Women Who, a show about women who hunt, shoot, and farm; Tough Jobs; numerous hunting, fishing, and shooting programing; and American Harvest, which highlights the challenges and successes of American farmers in a style that’s similar to shows like Gold Rush, which appears on the Discovery Channel.

CarbonTV, which is available to watch for free online, on your mobile device, and on television using popular streaming platforms like Google Play, Apple’s App Store, Roku, and Xbox One, among others, is part of the Carbon Media Group, which reaches 33 million people per month. CarbonTV averages 4.8 million video views each month and has more than 250,000 subscribers.

While a ton of great content can be found on CarbonTV, its newest show, aptly called Heartlandia, is the one I’m most interested in and excited about. (Watch a preview of the show below.) In this show, host Gunner Scott, a singer/songwriter and former scout sniper in the U.S. Marine Corps, travels across America’s heartland to meet the men and women of “Flyover Country” and tell their unique stories.

The first episode of Heartlandia, released today, February 2, features SMO, a musician, producer, and songwriter with an amazing farm in Tennessee. (You can watch the first episode at the link below).

Heartlandia and shows like it, many of which appear on CarbonTV, help to provide a voice to a part of the nation that is regularly derided and ignored by the media and entertainment establishments in the Northeast and on the West Coast. As someone who comes from a small town in New Hampshire, it’s great to see shows like Heartlandia breakthrough the typical LA-New York noise. If you get a chance, I highly recommend you check the show out and return each week to see new episodes.


Editor’s Note: The New Revere Daily Press has not received any money, including advertising revenue, from CarbonTV.

Watch Episode 1 here:

PHOTO: Used with permission from CarbonTV.


Justin Haskins

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Justin Haskins