Balanced Budget Amendment Finally Within Reach

Capitol Building. Photo by Tom Thai.

To his supporters, Barack Obama will always be remembered as the hero who saved America from the “Great Recession” of 2008, but in his pursuit to rescue the nation from severe economic difficulties, Obama may have set the country on an irreversible path toward economic ruin. During his time in office, Obama has added about $10 trillion to the U.S. deficit, which is about as much as every other president in the history of the country—combined.

This startling figure has been deemed by many, including the very same Democrats who once railed against the George W. Bush administration for its large deficits, as necessary to keep the country afloat, but the numbers simply don’t add up.

From 2009 through 2015, the average percentage of the U.S. population living below the poverty line averaged 14.6 percent, the worst mark of any presidency since the 1960s. And although the number of families in poverty (nearly 29.9 million) is lower now than it was at the height of the recession, there are still more families in poverty (as of 2015, the most recent year data is available) than in any year during George W. Bush’s presidency.

So, despite spending trillions of dollars beyond what the country brings in in tax revenue, Obama has completely failed to solve the one problem he pledged repeatedly would be the focus of his administration: poverty. Had Obama simply sent $5 trillion, half of the debt added under his administration, to every impoverished family in America during his time in office, he could have given each family more than $150,000, enough money to buy each of them a fully-furnished house! Instead, Obama recklessly spent trillions of dollars, indebting future generations to countless foreign nations and putting our entire financial system at risk. … READ MORE!

[This article was also published by The Washington Examiner.]

PHOTO: Capitol Building. Photo by Tom Thai.