WATCH: Obama Explains Why He Won’t Say ‘Islamic Terrorism’

Photo by BeckyF. Obama in 2008.

It’s hard to imagine any military commander, especially the most important commander in the world, would be reluctant to identify an obvious enemy, but apparently our president fits that disturbing bill. It’s been well-known for awhile now that President Obama doesn’t like to use the term “Islamic terrorism” or “radical Islamic terrorism” or anything of the sort, and while he has addressed this before, I can’t remember a time he so clearly articulated his reason for refusing to use the phrase or similar phrases as he does in the clip below, which is from a recent town hall meeting hosted by CNN.

In the clip, Obama explains the choice is deliberate and the result of a clear strategy. Obama believes that by using the term “Islamic terrorism” we’re sending a message to the rest of the Islamic world that we think all Muslims are terrorists. This is what they “hear,” says Obama, and if we alienate our allies, we will lose the war.

First of all, I’m not sure our allies have ever done anything of real value in the war on terror. I’d love it if they did, but we’ve led that charge from the very start; there’s no question about that.

Second, we don’t want to alienate allies or suggest all Muslims are terrorists, but I find it very hard to believe that simply describing who an enemy is will or has done that. Doesn’t saying “radical” and “terrorist” qualify the statement and make it (obviously) not about ALL Muslims?

Third, by this same logic, shouldn’t Obama stop using virtually all language about groups of people? What about his comments on police brutality or racism in law enforcement? Isn’t he guilty of doing the exact same thing by saying there are some “bad” police officers or by suggesting some police treat black people unfairly? Even mentioning “unfair” police practices is the exact same thing as saying “radical Islamic terrorism,” except, of course, for the fact that “Islamic terrorism” is a much bigger problem and a much less contentious issue.

Fourth, if we can’t even speak the truth about who these people are, then we’re doomed to lose this war. Islamic terrorists know they are Islamic terrorists. Hell, it’s what is motivating them! That absolutely does not mean all or even most Muslims are bad people or are “terrorists.” We shouldn’t have to explain that; it’s common sense, something the Obama administration is lacking completely.

In many ways, Obama’s absurd logic is exactly why people like Donald Trump have been so successful. No matter what we say or do, conservatives are bigots and racists. No matter how careful people are, liberals want everyone to be “less offensive,” even when we’re simply describing a situation. “Islamic terrorism” isn’t a slur; it’s an actual thing, and if we don’t recognize that’s what we’re up against, we might as well give up the fight now.


PHOTO: Photo by BeckyF. Obama in 2008.

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