WATCH! New Trump Video Hits All the Right Notes

Screen shot from Trump ad, September 20.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump released a new campaign video today (at least, today is when the campaign posted it). It’s a short video and very slick. The tone and optics of the video hit all the right notes, and it’s quite positive and uplifting. As you watch, note the prominence young intelligent women play in the ad, as well as the striking image of the young child. Also, note that the focus is on Trump’s ability to choose the right people to put around him and the claim that he’s not a “micro manager.” This is important. Many conservatives don’t like Trump, but they might like some or all of the people he has surrounded himself with. This ad, without saying it directly, tells conservatives, “Hey, you might not like me, but I’ll put the right people in charge.”

Make no mistake about it, however, Trump needs to hit Mrs. Clinton, and he needs to hit her hard. These positive ads are important because they will help Trump with conservatives, but the only way to win the election will be to destroy Clinton’s character, not brag about Trump. The reality is that this election will be decided by two questions: (1) Who do independents hate more? (2) Will conservative anti-Trumpers show up and vote for Trump, and if so, how many and in which states?

PHOTO: Screen shot from Trump ad, September 20. Trump-Pence for President.

Check out the ad here:

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