WikiLeaks Ready to Release ‘Significant’ Clinton Takedown

Julian Assange 1. Photo by the Cancilleria del Ecuador.

Reuters is reporting WikiLeaks head Julian Assange says his organization will be releasing “a variety of documents” related to “the election campaign,” specifically to Hillary Clinton. Assange believes the report could play an important role if it “catches fire in the public and in the media.”

What exactly is Assange planning on releasing, and when will the release occur? Absolutely no one knows, but one thing is clear, WikiLeaks doesn’t typically blow smoke without a fire. Assange has a long history of promising a good story and then delivering, and there is already a tremendous amount of information out there showing Clinton has had (and, in some cases, still has) some very questionable connections via her Clinton Foundation.

Let’s also not forget Assange and WikiLeaks were behind the Democratic Party leaks showing top party officials were actively working against Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. This led to the resignation of several important and longtime Democratic leaders, including Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (FL), the former head of the party.

Speculating wildly, I think it’s very possible the big story that will come out of WikiLeaks’ next release is some sort of corrupt cash-for-power swap with donors. Would anyone be surprised to see Clinton promising big donors positions in her administration? Everyone on the right already assumes this is happening anyway.


PHOTO: Julian Assange 1. Photo by the Cancilleria del Ecuador.