WATCH: Jesse Jackson Was for Donald Trump Before He Was Against Him

Jesse Jackson Parker Lecture. Photo by UCC Media Justice OC Inc.

Hillary Clinton and the liberal establishment media have gone all-in on their strategy to label Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump “a racist” who is unstable and doesn’t care about anyone but himself. As many of you know, I have a lot of problems with Donald Trump’s policies and I actively worked in support of other Republican candidates. I doubt I’ll be voting for Mr. Trump in the fall. However, to suggest he’s a racist is truly incredible and based on absolutely no evidence at all. Not only has Trump been tied with minorities in his company and minority groups outside of his company, through various charity efforts, he has been heralded by many in the African-American community as a champion for their cause … until he decided to run for president as a Republican.

Enter Jesse Jackson. As World Net Daily and others have pointed out, Jackson has in the past lauded Donald Trump for his efforts to help minorities. Check out the video now available on WND showing Jackson backing Trump in the late 1990s:

In the video, note that Jackson refers to Trump as having the “will to risk to make things better” and an “effective builder” for “the people.” He even calls Trump “inclusive.”

Fast forward to today, and Jackson is singing a very different tune:

Now, Jackson has every right to disagree with Trump and his policies, but how can the liberal establishment accuse Trump of being a hardened racist when one of their most ardent and liberal African-American leaders has had so many good things to say about Trump in the past? Trump is many things, but racist is most certainly not one of them.


PHOTO: Jesse Jackson Parker Lecture. Photo by UCC Media Justice OC Inc.