MUST WATCH: Bernie Sanders Supporters Define Socialism for CNN

Bernie Sanders for president campaign event in Des Moines, IA. Photo by Phil Roeder.

“What is socialism?” That’s the question CNN asked supporters at a Bernie Sanders rally not long before the Iowa Caucuses began. The results were truly horrendous, probably even worse than I would have guessed.

The real story here isn’t that lots of people like socialism (there are lots of people who do, but that’s a totally different issue), it’s that millions of people are willing to vote for someone who identifies as a “socialist” without even knowing what socialism actually is … or being concerned by all of the millions of people who have been murdered, raped, “exterminated,” or pillaged by “socialists.”

Of course there are moral people out there who want socialism, understand what it is, and think it’s the best way to help the most number of people. I’m not in any way suggesting everyone who supports socialism is a power-hungry storm trooper. What I am suggesting, however, is that power-hungry storm troopers is how socialism always ends. There is no way around it. When the government has to constantly steal from its working population to pay for its nonworking population, the government MUST eventually either force the nonworking population to work or force the working population to essentially become enslaved to the nonworking population. In either case, people will stand up and demand freedom (to either avoid work or to protect the profits of their own work). At that time, the government must force people to do whatever it desires, resulting in death, destruction, and the collapse of liberty.

h/t to The Blaze for putting the video up on its YouTube page.


Bernie Sanders for president campaign event in Des Moines, IA. Photo by Phil Roeder.