Putin Skeptical of Man-Caused Climate Change, Finally We Agree On Something!

Iceberg photo. Photo by NOAA's National Ocean Service.

It seems Vladimir Putin is “skeptical” of man-caused global warming. Well, there’s one thing we agree with Mr. Putin on.

See the report from Reuters, posted on The New York Times‘ website, at this link: http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2015/10/29/world/europe/29reuters-climatechange-summit-russia-media.html?_r=0

Despite what Pope Francis and much of the media will tell you, the debate over climate change is far from over. Obviously, the climate is changing and has been changing for quite some time. The real issue is to what extent man is affecting global temperature. Here’s some great resources if you’re interested in investigating that topic further: http://policybot.enginez.com/results.engz?uq=climate+change


Iceberg photo. Photo by NOAA’s National Ocean Service.