Media Continues to Lie About Gay Marriage and Religion

Mormon Temple in San Diego. Photo by Chad McDonald.

The Media continues to twist religious groups’ positions on gay marriage. We’ve seen this over and over with the Catholic Church. The media constantly made it appear as though Pope Francis supported gay marriage or was leaning heavily in that direction when, in reality, all that was changing was the tone; not the actual teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Liberals are now doing the same to the Mormon Church, turning simple reaffirmations of beliefs into news headlines in order to attack all those who oppose gay marriage. Whether you believe homosexuality is morally wrong or not, you should be aware of the media’s gay marriage spin.

A great example is a new story from the Associated Press titled “Gay Mormon church members say new rules are devastating.” An excerpt of the article appears below:

In the past two years, Nathan Kitchen has revealed to his five children that he’s gay, gone through a divorce with his wife and grappled with how to stay in a religion that doesn’t condone his lifestyle.

Now comes the toughest task: Telling his children he could be kicked out of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints if he someday marries a man, and warning his two youngest, 11 and 15, that they might be barred from serving a mission under new church rules.

“It’s almost like they now have to choose between a gay father and a church that they love,” said Kitchen, a 47-year-old dentist from Gilbert, Arizona. “This is almost too much to bear.”

The changes to the Mormon handbook – disseminated this week to local church leaders around the world – say being in a same-sex marriage warrants ousting from the religion and that children of gay parents must wait until they’re 18 and disavow homosexual relationships to be baptized.

Similar to the way the media has covered the Roman Catholic Church’s policies and meetings on homosexuality, the media here is treating the largest Mormon church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as if its position against homosexuality is somehow new or changing (for the better or for the worse). In reality, the Mormon establishment has always rejected homosexual sexual relationships and has always had a policy that has encouraged its leaders to remove members that were in homosexual sexual relationships and refused to stop. This isn’t a new policy; just as the policy of the Catholic Church to condemn homosexual sexual relationships but not homosexuality itself (being attracted to people of the same sex) is not a new policy worthy of making headlines around the world.

The media engages in these deceptive tactics to push an agenda. In the case of the Roman Catholic Church, the goal was to mislead and confuse many Catholics and to encourage liberals in the Catholic Church to continue to push for reform of Church policies regarding homosexual relationships. In this case, regarding the largest Mormon denomination, the media is trying to shame Mormons into changing their policies by turning personal stories of oppression into headlines, when in reality, there’s nothing new to report at all. If homosexual Mormons want to be in relationship with people of the same sex, they should have the right to do so, but churches should have the right to choose NOT to support this. The media has no business fabricating headlines to push its own beliefs on churches, regardless of who is right and who is wrong about the morality of homosexual relationships.

Mormon Temple in San Diego. Photo by Chad McDonald.