Obama Administration Deserves a Failing Grade for Its New College Scorecard

Classroom. Photo by Marie.

By Michael McGrady and Justin Haskins

The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) recently released a new version of its College Scorecard, an online database DOE says will help students and their parents choose the best option among the thousands of colleges available in the United States today. A careful examination of the College Scorecard reveals, however, that it’s nothing more than another costly, useless, and potentially harmful government program.

The College Scorecard has been a highly publicized part of President Barack Obama’s new set of education initiatives. DOE created the College Scorecard more than two years ago as an Internet-based platform that would provide prospective undergraduate and graduate students information about the costs and program offerings of more than 3,500 colleges across the nation. Critics noted at its launch that the initial version included basic information only, and officials operating the College Scorecard announced it planned a significant update that would give students much more useful information, such as employment data.

Obama packaged the release of the College Scorecard with a speech in Des Moines, Iowa earlier in September, during Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s sixth annual “Back-to-School” tour. At the event, Obama warned that Republicans weren’t prioritizing education issues and that new programs, such as the College Scorecard, will help improve the nation’s student debt crisis.

Obama’s claims are not supported by the facts. Under Obama’s administration, student loan debt has skyrocketed and college tuition has risen to unprecedented levels, even while the nation has been stuck with sluggish economic growth (at best). The College Scorecard is just another one of Obama’s failed endeavors, and far from the worst. READ MORE …

Michael McGrady is studying political science and criminal justice at the University of Colorado–Colorado Springs and has previously worked for the U.S. Department of Defense and numerous political campaigns.

[Originally Published in the Washington Examiner]

Classroom. Photo by Marie.

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