New Benghazi Polling Could Show Clinton is in Big Trouble

Hillary Clinton at Iowa State Fair, 2015. Photo by Phil Roeder.

In a slanted article published by the Associated Press on Hillary Clinton’s highly anticipated appearance before the Republican-led committee investigating the terrorist attack in Benghazi, some interesting new poll numbers were discussed that, despite what the author of the AP article suggests, is bad news for Clinton. Ms. Clinton is scheduled to appear before the congressional committee on Thursday (today).

According to AP:

A new Associated Press-Gfk poll offers solace to both sides. While the investigation into the attacks is not a burning issue for the public — except among Republicans — Americans are more likely to view the investigation as justified rather than as a political attack on Clinton, the poll finds.

Many Americans don’t have an opinion about Clinton’s handling of the investigation. Four in 10 say they neither approve nor disapprove of how she has answered questions about the attack, while 20 percent approve and 37 percent disapprove.

Americans also are divided on Clinton’s emails. More than half of those polled view her use of a private server as a minor problem or no problem at all, compared with 1 in 3 who think it is a major problem. Nearly two-thirds of Republicans call it a major problem.

The report notes 37 percent disapprove of how Clinton handled the investigation, which is hardly breathtaking, but notice that 40 percent have no opinion at all, which is not a sign of people finding this issue unimportant, but rather that most Americans still have no idea what the Benghazi scandal is all about. Once frequent commercials hit the airwaves prior to Election Day and Ms. Clinton is forced to stand on a stage and answer questions posed by a Republican challenger, Americans will be forced, whether they like it or not, to learn the hard truth about her role in Benghazi, the subsequent cover-up (or attempt at one), the lies about the YouTube video that supposedly sparked the attack, and the additional lies related to her personal e-mail server.

This brings up another point. AP reports the poll shows half of respondents viewed her private e-mail server as no problem or a minor problem, but that’s because these people don’t know why Republicans are so concerned about the server! Although all Americans should be worried that classified information is being delivered and stored through a private server, the real concerns here is not security, but rather what Clinton is/has been hiding. Again, this all goes back to Benghazi, and once Americans realize what Ms. Clinton has been up to, she’s going to struggle to explain things away, a point evidenced by her plunging poll numbers against Republicans.

The fact that so many people already disapprove of Clinton, think of her as a liar (according to polling), and are concerned about her personal e-mail server, despite the fact the media has buried this story for years, is actually great news for Republicans and for justice. Clinton needs to be exposed for her role in the Benghazi disaster, and all the signs suggest she will … one way or another. Whether or not Americans choose to elect her anyway is another story entirely.


Hillary Clinton at Iowa State Fair, 2015. Photo by Phil Roeder.