Response to: 9 Things We Could Accomplish If We Re-Directed Our Resources From War

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This article is making its rounds on Facebook and it deserves a response. We certainly spend way too much in defense, but this article assumes all that money would remain under control of the government. The article goes on to list fantastical innovations that could theoretically occur if only defense money was redirected to the cause. Here is the problem. If they start directing hundreds of billions of dollars to companies bidding for gov grants and handouts, what will result is tremendous waste, cronyism, misallocated resources and probably very few real benefits. Similar to spending it all on defense really

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The worldwide military expenditures for 2011 summed up to as much as $2,157,172,000,000 (yes, that’s over $2,15 trillion). The human mind cannot really grasp such a large amount of money, that’s why I will try to put it into perspective later on. The USA alone spent a record sum of $741,2 billion in 2011 for waging wars and producing new weapons, while in 2010, the US military expenditures reached $683.7 billion.

The US defense budget for 2012 will exceed $1 trillion and is expected to reach as high as $1,415 trillion!

In January 2012, President Obama promised that USA’s defense budget will grow slowly but steadily in the following 10 years.

Now, the question we need to ask ourselves is: “what kind of future awaits mankind”? If our worldwide governments constantly raise the war budgets, design new weapons and pick new fights, then the future can only bring: more wars, destruction, sufferance and famine. READ MORE …