Poll Finds Shocking Number of Americans Think Nation Has Lost Its Greatness

According to Bloomberg, a new national survey taken by Bloomberg shows a shocking number of Americans now think America has lost its greatness. The following is from the Bloomberg story:

“Americans are “fed up” with politics, suspect the wealthy are getting an unfair edge, and think the country is going in the wrong direction, according to a new Bloomberg Politics poll that lays bare the depth and breadth of the discontents propelling outsider candidates in the Republican presidential field.

The survey shows that 72 percent of Americans think their country isn’t as great as it once was—a central theme of front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign. More than a third prefer a presidential candidate without experience in public office.”

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has unquestionably made the “America has lost its greatness” slogan a regular part of his campaign, and he was sure to make that clear in both Republican presidential debates held earlier this year. Trump has successfully tapped into this pervasive feeling amongst Americans across the spectrum: The United States is no longer as great as it once was.

I guess that’s the “change” President Barack Obama spent so much time promising the nation.

Regardless of what the Obama sycophants tell you, there is no denying that the nation has entered into something of an identity crisis since Obama took office. We’ve been pushed around on the global stage; socialism is becoming much more popular (look at the success of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT); and the economy’s sluggish recovery has been depressing at best. Until we elect a president that is going to be strong overseas, which doesn’t mean constantly going to war by the way, and a president who understands how to grow an economy, this feeling is going to continue (justifiably so).


h/t Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire.

The full survey results can be found here: http://images.businessweek.com/cms/2015-09-23/150924_thursday_8698175.pdf