Speaker Boehner Just Said WHAT About Ted Cruz? Wow.

John Boehner. Photo by Medill DC.

As always, John Boehner is keeping it classy.

According to reports from The Daily Caller, Boehner referred to GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz as a “jackass” at a fundraiser in Colorado on Wednesday.

This is just further proof that the Republican establishment has little (maybe none at all) respect for constitutional conservatives in the party, who, by the way, are most responsible for the Tea Party revolution that brought Boehner to power in the first place. How Boehner is elected speaker over and over again is truly one of the great mysteries of my lifetime. It’s right up there with the Bermuda Triangle and the Loch Ness monster, both of which make more sense in my view.

John Boehner. Photo by Medill DC.

Justin Haskins