In Three Key States, Only One GOP Nominee Beats Clinton

Hillary Clinton Book. Photo by Mike Mozart. Hillary Clinton Book. Photo by Mike Mozart.

The people over at Quinnipiac must be feeling pretty darn good about themselves after their recent presidential poll garnered national media attention for its truly stunning results. One of the most interesting finds (and honestly, there are a lot) is that only one GOP nominee at this early stage of the race is way ahead of the rest when it comes to a head-to-head matchup with Hillary Clinton in key states Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida: Sen. Marco Rubio.

The Quinnipiac poll (or Q-poll, as everyone seems to be calling these days) suggests that this is likely the result of Rubio having very high rates of support amongst independents and moderate Republicans/Democrats (compared to the other GOP candidates.)

One of the most surprising finds is that Rubio currently sits 7 points better than Clinton in Pennsylvania, a state Republicans haven’t won in what seems like forever.

Interesting stuff.

h/t to Guy Benson at and Glenny for the tip.

Hillary Clinton Book. Photo by Mike Mozart.

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