Hundreds of Workers in White House and Congress Caught on Cheating Website Ashley Madison

Photo by Matt Wade. White House.

Incredible but shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. We’re not talking about the most moral group of people here.

My favorite quote from the AP story:

Some Justice Department employees appeared to use pre-paid credit cards to help preserve their anonymity but connected to the service from their office computers.

 “I was doing some things I shouldn’t have been doing,” a Justice Department investigator told the AP. Asked about the threat of blackmail, the investigator said if prompted he would reveal his actions to his family and employer to prevent it. “I’ve worked too hard all my life to be a victim of blackmail. That wouldn’t happen,” he said. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was deeply embarrassed and not authorized by the government to speak to reporters using his name.

Even after getting busted, the agent refuses to tell his (or her) family. What a scoundrel. Glad to see my tax dollars are being spent wisely.

Story by AP’s Jake Gillum.

Photo by Matt Wade. White House.