GOP Strategist Says Trump is ‘Emasculating’ This GOP Candidate (Yeah, he kind of is!)

Photo by Gage Skidmore. Donald Trump at 2011 CPAC.

Give Republican political strategist Steve Schmidt some credit, he’s saying something we’re all thinking but no one has yet to really lay out quite like this:

“Look, Jeb Bush was a very successful governor, he’s a thoughtful man, he was a good, conservative governor. But every day, Donald Trump is emasculating Jeb Bush, and Republican primary voters are not going to default to the establishment candidate who is being weakened by these attacks that go unresponded to.” (From an article in Politico by Nick Gass) h/t Taegan Goddard

The Jeb Bush crew needs to be honest with itself and admit Bush is getting bullied by Trump like a scrawny nerd at recess, and there appears to be no real effort to fight back. Trump senses Bush is weak and knows he can continue scoring big political points by attacking him. Over and over and over and over …

I think the larger point here is what is revealed about Bush by this tactic. If he isn’t even willing to fight off someone like Trump, how is he ever going to defend himself against the liberal media? Ummm, he won’t. Maybe that, in and of itself, should be a gigantic red flag to those still foolish enough to continue riding the Jeb train.

Not only is Jeb a poor candidate because he is much more liberal than his GOP opponents in this field, he’s also one of the weakest candidates and poorest debaters. Wow! With attributes like that, it’s no wonder his polling numbers are sinking like a 10-ton stone in the Potomac.

All we can do know, as true conservatives, is wait for Jeb to inevitably drop out of the race, which will hopefully happen sooner rather than later, allowing his supporters to move on to more realistic options who will actually fight for conservative beliefs.

Photo by Gage Skidmore. Donald Trump at 2011 CPAC.

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