Fox News: Poll Shows Only Two GOP Candidates Ahead of Clinton

According to a recent poll by Fox News, Ben Carson and Sen. Ted Cruz have made a jump, while establishment candidates such as Jeb Bush have fallen considerably. Trump remains incredibly polarizing.

However, the most interesting thing about the poll was the head-to-head results (against Clinton):

“Bush (+2 points) and Rubio (+2 points) hold an edge over Clinton in hypothetical head-to-head matchups (both are within the margin of error).  Bush tied Clinton in June and was up by one-point in May.  This marks the first time Rubio has an advantage over the Democratic frontrunner.

Clinton tops Fiorina by 7 points, which is mostly unchanged from June.

Trump has narrowed the gap and trails Clinton by just 5 points, down from 17 two months ago.

None of the candidates receive 50 percent or better in any of the two-way match-ups tested.”

Justin Haskins