Liberals’ Crazy, Hate-Filled Reaction to my Supreme Court Petition

Like for many conservatives, the Supreme Court’s recent liberty-crushing rampage was an incredibly difficult pill for me to swallow. Having to listen to the continuous parade of mainstream media pundits trot out their prized leftist activists to tell us all how common interpretations held by the public and the courts had been completely wrong for more than 200 years was nauseating to say the least.

At some point between the feelings of crippling despair and absolute frustration I decided I’d start a petition that would be sent to many of the Republican presidential nominees with the message that conservatives absolutely will not support candidates who are unwilling to stand up to this rogue, out-of-control Supreme Court.

With only a small amount of promotion, the petition quickly earned more than 500 likes on Facebook and gained more than 100 signatures from people all across the country who are also tired of having their rights reduced by five (or six) judges who think the Constitution means whatever they say it does, legal precedence be damned.

Liberals who happened to stumble upon the petition—or my comments about the reaction I had received because of it and other articles I had written on the subject—reacted with incredible vitriol. Below are just some of the comments I received:

“You’re a bigot, stand up and own your belief.”

“Are you a Birther too? And perhaps a Bircher as well? And you support gay rights? Ask your fellow teabagger religious nuts and they will tell you what to do about it!  Perhaps they can recommend some gay-supporter conversion therapy program for you!”

“Kiss my hairy gay ass and you all better pray to your Jesus for forgiveness.”

“As a member of the Tea Party, you have no room to cry about “hate.” The entire philosophy of the Tea Party is hate — hate the gays, hate the blacks, hate the liberals. The Tea Party is just the manifestation of the white supremacist poison that has infested our country for 150 years. That’s what the Tea Party is all about. Hate. … SMDH.”

“I won’t call you names, but, and I’m not proud of this, I absolutely DO hate you if you’re a tea party member and think you have done enormous damage to the U.S.”


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Supreme Court. Photo by Brenda Bono.