Sign Petition Against Supreme Court’s Power Grab!

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s unprecedented destruction of the rights of states and the rule of law, it’s time our elected representatives in Washington, DC rein in this group of nine Americans, at least six of which seem to believe they can ignore the will of the people and the plain language of the Constitution at each and every turn. Send a message to the 2016 Republican presidential candidates that it’s time to rein in the power of the Supreme Court by signing this petition.


By signing this petition you are sending a message to all of the GOP presidential candidates, not just those listed above, that you will not vote for a candidate who refuses to establish a plan to stop SCOTUS from continuously reaching beyond its own authority.

The 2016 election is going to be a crucial moment for our country, and those who oppose the current administration must stand against any GOP nominee who is unwilling to protect the U.S. Constitution.

Sign the petition here, it only takes about a minute: