Marijuana Flavored E-Cigarettes Create Questions about Liberty

E-cigarette. Photo by Mike Mozart.

By Justin Haskins

While the war over the use and taxation of electronic cigarettes wages, Dutch company E-njoint has started selling a new marijuana-flavored “e-joint” that will almost certainly lead to controversial legal battles over their distribution and use in states across the nation.

Like e-cigarettes, the e-joint uses a liquid composed of propylene glycol, glycerin, and flavoring that is then vaporized into water vapor to produce an experience that mimics smoking without many of the harmful effects.

According to a March 5 press release from E-njoint, the e-joint “contains no THC, CBD, nicotine, tar or toxins. [It’s] completely legal, but [it] still gives smokers a high-like feeling.” However, many smokers may not want to give up their cigarettes for a vape. If that’s the case, there are some CBD cigarettes available that contain cannabis. Perhaps they may be worth looking into if any smokers don’t want to use this marijuana-flavored e-joint.

Previous versions of the e-joint, which is built to look and feel like a typical marijuana cigarette, provided a fruit flavoring, but E-njoint’s most recent model includes organic compounds that the company claims gives the user a “cannabis aroma and flavor.”

E-cigarettes have always had a variety of standard flavours including Tobacco, Menthol, Strawberry, Cherry, Melon, Vanilla and Blueberry to name a few. However, the variety in flavours has increased dramatically recently as companies look for new flavours for customers to enjoy. Now, as well as this new marijuana flavour, e-cig smokers can try less self-explanatory flavours like Unicorn Milk, Sneans and Ol’ Smokey. These are all very popular flavours – Sneans is kind of like pink lemonade for example, a drink that we all enjoy.

According to E-njoint, only one store in America currently sells e-joints. If you’re not really into that sort of thing there are some amazing flavours of eliquid on sale at which should be much more suitable to your taste buds.

E-cigarettes have faced much scrutiny since being released in the United States. The American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids have all openly denounced the use of e-cigarettes as a sort of gateway product to using tobacco or other drugs.

The Food and Drug Administration even initially ruled the products were “drug or delivery device[s]” that should not be available to the public. In 2010, a federal court ruled the agency did not have the authority to rule on the use of e-cigarettes, opening the way for e-cigarette use by consumers throughout the country. READ MORE …

[Originally Published on The Blaze]

E-cigarette. Photo by Mike Mozart.