Where do Libertarians Stand on Public Nudity? Seriously.

Our Take!

It’s not every day that you’ll find libertarians and feminists agreeing with each other, and maybe today still isn’t one of those days! Yes, the core principle of equality that is supposedly the foundation of modern feminism fits in perfectly with libertarian beliefs, but often what I’ve found is that many feminists want to create what they consider to be “equality” by FORCING others to act or think the way they do. In this case, however, feminists make a strange-but-true point: topless bathing is obviously allowed for men in all beaches across the country, but it’s clearly forbidden for women – and in a sense, that isn’t fair. But the real question is, should that matter? An equally valid point is that men can’t walk around with bikini bottoms the way women can, but I don’t see anyone (thankfully) advocating for that. Libertarians should always value freedom, but part of having a free society is have freely-chosen standards for decency, and while many men would not have a problem with Venice Beach’s new topless-beach policy, I think reasonable arguments can be made that it shouldn’t be allowed. Thoughts on this? Do laws forbidding topless women at beaches actually violate guarantees for equality under the law?

By Robert Wilde

The Venice Neighborhood Council, in a resounding 12-2 vote, approved the allowance of female topless bathing at legendary Venice Beach. READ MORE …

[Originally Published on Breitbart]