The Left and the Right Attack Rand

Our Take!


With the libertarian-leaning Senator Rand Paul recently announcing his candidacy, liberals and establishment Republicans alike are voicing their disdain for the presidential hopeful. As you would expect, liberal outlets are attacking Paul on many fronts. In one case, highlighted in the article below, ThinkProgress published an article that stated, “Rand Paul Would Be The Worst President On Civil Rights Since The 1800s.” But attacks are also coming from the right.

On CBS’ Face The Nation, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham denounced Paul’s foreign policy potential. In regards to the nuclear negotiations with Iran, Graham said, “I think everybody on our side, except Rand Paul, could do better.” A TV ad released by a conservative organization, The Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America, said, “Rand Paul is Wrong and Dangerous,” due to his assertion that Iran poses no substantial threat to our national security. They seem to be attempting to color Paul in the same “isolationist” brand that haunted his father, Ron Paul.

But Rand is not as non-interventionist as Ron (unfortunately, in may opinion). He preaches a “peace through strength” approach where military intervention is acceptable in select cases. This won’t be enough to shake criticism from the right however. His more “selective”-interventionist foreign policy will certainly make him a target on the right as the presidential race heats up.

By Jack Doll

Rand Paul’s Presidential campaign is still in its infancy and already its bombs away at liberal/progressive news outlets. Hyperbole, name-calling, and outright mischaracterization run rampant and demonstrate that these news sources, and the progressive faithful in general, are terrified of a candidate whose record on drugs, drones and Middle Eastern meddling are more liberal and humane than the Democratic Party’s likely 2016 standard-bearer. Paul’s crossover support from Democrats and anti-establishment tendencies are a big problem for Democrats in 2016 and they know it. Here’s a brief collection of my favorite articles:

Rand Paul is already doomed: The simple reason why he will never, ever be president” – Jeff Stein,

Stein begins by explaining the qualities which make Republicans favorites in primary season. He paraphrases conservative author William F. Buckley Jr. in saying “Republicans should nominate the most conservative candidate who can also win.” He then goes on to explain why Rand has neither of those qualities and will surely lose. The problem with this argument is that Rand is conservative and, more importantly, can win. READ MORE …