Study Says E-Cigarettes are Safe for Bystanders

According to a study by Dr. Igor Burstyn, a professor at Drexel University, vapor from e-cigarette liquids and vapor do not have any significant health harms for bystanders.

The study reviewed more than 9,000 analyses of e-cigarette liquids and vapors.

Despite findings such as these, numerous states continue to crusade against the use of e-cigarettes based on the belief that the products could serve as a sort of gateway to tobacco use, especially for children. There is virtually no evidence to suggest this is likely to occur however. Ultimately, bans on e-cigarettes are all about stifling freedom. Even if e-cigs did cause harm to individual users, shouldn’t users still have the right to engage in that harmful activity? Using the logic so many governments use to ban or heavily tax these kinds of products, Americans shouldn’t be allowed to watch violent movies, eat at McDonalds, or do anything else that could theoretically lead to harm down the road. This is the same warped thinking that created the modern concept of organized crime during prohibition. Obviously, governments still haven’t learned their lesson.