Pew first: Gun Rights Top Gun Control in Major Public Opinion Shift

Our Take!

This is a fantastic turn of events that highlights a general shift in the United States toward small government and libertarianism. This is just the latest example. Other recent surveys show that the Libertarian Party is the fastest growing party. People are realizing more and more that government is not the solution to our problems, but rather the cause. Now that the majority of Americans see the need and benefit of gun rights, it will be much harder for liberals to exploit this emotionally charged topic.

By Paul Bedard

Exactly two years after President Obama’s bid for gun control following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting died in Congress, a new poll has discovered a huge shift in public opinion to backing Second Amendment gun rights and away from controlling gun ownership.

The reason: Americans now believe having a gun is the best way to protect against crime, 63 percent to 30 percent.

Pew Research Center found that while support for gun control once reached 66 percent, it has dropped to 46 percent while support for gun rights has jumped 52 percent, the highest ever in the past 25 years. READ MORE …