Marijuana Legalization Skeptic Turned Advocate

Our Take!

In this article published by Time, author Bruce Barcott explains why he was initially against the legalization of pot, but changed his mind after two years of positive effects in the state of Washington. What is important to note in this article is that Barcott, before his revelation, held many common concerns shared by those who think marijuana should be prohibited. He was afraid the drug would be more readily available to the youth and that usage rates would increase.

When Barcott saw that these concerns were unfounded, he changed his position and supported the end of marijuana prohibition. Not only did these concerns fail to materialize, but other benefits also became apparent. non-violent users are no longer being put in jail and drug cartels are beginning to bleed money. Marijuana has already shown that it can be good business and help the economy with companies helping with dispensary supplies to keep up the demand met by states that made medical and recreational marijuana legal. Canadian companies are already seeing the benefits by selling their products over the internet like over at costco buds. With the marijuana business thriving, so are the companies that provide them their services in an attempt to professionalize the industry, such as marijuana pos by Green Bits.

It is my hope that more cases like this will appear in the mass media and more people will realize the unintended consequences of marijuana prohibition far outweigh the benefits. Allowing people to access the drug from a wendover dispensary, or other regulated bodies, will only aid the surrounding communities in the long run. When this occurs, more states will follow suit and eventually the federal government will end this large segment of the war on drugs.

By Bruce Barcott

In a California courtroom earlier this year, U.S. District Court Judge Kimberly Mueller wondered what exactly was at stake in the federal government’s defense of marijuana prohibition. Mueller is hearing a case that challenges the government’s Schedule I classification of pot, a status that ranks it alongside heroin as one of the world’s most dangerous drugs. As the case wrapped up – a decision is expected this month – she put a question to the U.S. attorneys defending the federal ban. “If I were persuaded” that marijuana’s status was unconstitutional, “what would you lose here?”

As we approach April 20, the goofy global pot holiday, an ever-increasing number of Americans are asking the same question. Polls show that more than half of all Americans now support the legalization of marijuana for adults. On Capitol Hill, the issue has been joined by Senators Rand Paul, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Cory Booker, who recently introduced a bill to federally decriminalize medical marijuana in states where it’s already legal. READ MORE …