Marijuana E-Cigarettes Make Their Way to United States

Photo provided by E-njoint.

Dutch company E-njoint has announced that it is now offering marijuana-flavored e-cigarettes for sale globally. The product is already for sale throughout Europe and in limited parts of South America.

According to a March 5 press release from E-njoint, the e-joint product “contains no THC, CBD, nicotine, tar or toxins it’s completely legal, but still gives smokers a high-like feeling. The terpenes used to create the E-njoint Cannabis Flavor have been custom-tailored to provide a variety of effects on the user, such as muscle relaxation, mood enhancement, alertness promoting and more.”

Currently, only one store in America is selling e-joints, and it’s in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Photo provided by E-njoint.

Justin Haskins