Dawn of National Police Force

Our Take

The move toward a national police force is inevitable. So far, this is a small step in that direction, but more will surely follow. As more controversies about the police and their questionable use of force enter the media, we will see an increase in calls for national standards and oversight. While these calls for action may be well-intentioned, they will certainly end with a worse situation.

Putting matters like this into the hands of the federal government is the wrong way to deal with this issue. If we deem it necessary for the government to handle a specific responsibility, it is always best to put it in the hands of the most localized government possible. This is because it is at the localized level where the most thought and care is given.

By Stephen Rex Brown

NYPD recruits are about to get a crash course in the ABCs of policing.

The federal monitor overseeing reforms to the NYPD wants the current class of Police Academy recruits to be taught groundbreaking new concepts like: Don’t be racist, don’t mock others, don’t tell sexist jokes and don’t hassle people for no reason.

The monitor, Peter Zimroth, asked Manhattan Federal Judge Analisa Torres on Monday to approve the stack of new training materials that will be presented to the class of cadets graduating in June. READ MORE …