California Water Supplier Slashes Summer Deliveries

Our Take!

A story making the rounds today focuses on water delivery companies cutting  services in drought-stricken Southern California. Surely this will be used as anecdotal evidence of global warming and/or climate change. This assertion does not tell the full story, however. In fact, it leaves out the main culprit. The government, the cause of most problems, has to take its fair share of the blame. Here are a few links to articles that explain how the government of California made the water shortage worse. (Here) & (Here)

By Alicia Chang

Cities and water districts serving 19 million people in Southern California face smaller water deliveries this summer under a plan approved by the region’s water wholesaler in response to ongoing dry conditions.

The Metropolitan Water District, which sells imported water to more than two dozen local agencies, voted Tuesday to slash regional deliveries by 15 percent as California grapples with a fourth year of drought.

The cutbacks, which take effect in July, were expected to spur communities to step up their conservation efforts to avoid paying for high-priced water beyond the allotted amount. READ MORE …