Let Jews Defend Themselves From Terrorism

Dome of the Szeged Synagogue. Photo by Sine Pi.

By Stephen P. Halbrook

Europe’s firearm policies should be reformed to enable Jews to defend their communities and institutions against terrorist attacks. That demand came from Rabbi Menachem Margolin, head of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe and the European Jewish Association, days after the January 7 murder of four shoppers at a kosher supermarket in Paris by an ISIS terrorist and eleven employees of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo at the hands of Al-Qaeda affiliates.

In a letter to the interior ministries of all European Union states, Rabbi Margolin wrote: “Let there be no doubt, we are asking that all weapons will be issued for self protection only, and to designated personnel that will undergo thorough investigation and training by local authorities.” His plea was reported in Newsweek and the Daily Mail in Britain, but Margolin received no official reply.

Then it happened again: On February 14 and 15 in Copenhagen, a terrorist murdered a film director at a café and a security guard at a synagogue. The guard was not even armed.

Europe’s restrictive laws ensure that law-abiding persons may not own or carry firearms for defense. Terrorists, who acquire guns on the black market, laugh at such laws. READ MORE …

[Provided by Inside Sources]

Photo by Sine Pi.

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