Media Liberals Struggle to Spin Hillary’s Email Scandal

Computer on desk. Photo by Anthony DiLaura.

By John Hayward,

Liberals are having a tough time dealing with Hillary Clinton’s secret-email scandal.  First up, there was a visibly discombobulated Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC, whose concession there was “no conceivable, rational explanation” for Clinton’s actions, mixed with CNN’s Chris Cuomo saying the story “smells terrible,” and a variety of other incredulous reactions.

Notice that several of the snippets above include questions about how Clinton’s disregard for federal law and State Department email protocols might have jeopardized national security.  That is a very disturbing possibility.  Maybe someone in the media will even dare to ask Hillary about it, assuming she doesn’t pull her usual post-scandal, gaffe-aftermath disappearing act.

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinsky seemed punch-drunk with the sheer absurdity of Clinton’s email scheme.  Brzezinsky kept asking how it was possible for Clinton to get away with this for four years without anyone noticing, which is a good question, although I suspect part of the answer is that a great deal of media email contact with someone like Hillary Clinton is actually routed through her entourage.

It’s also possible that people who had only intermittent contact with Clinton didn’t notice the strange email address she was using, depending on how prominently their email software displays proper names instead of email addresses.  Certainly numerous people in the State Department, White House, and other elements of the Obama Administration had to be in on the scheme, but it’s not entirely shocking that those outside the Clinton inner circle didn’t pick up on it.

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Photo by Anthony DiLaura.

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