House Plans to Investigate Hillary’s E-mails!

Hillary Clinton Book. Photo by Mike Mozart.

Our Take!

It’s about time. The real question here isn’t what Clinton knew and when she knew it, because I think it’s pretty safe to say Clinton had about as much information about Benghazi as many conservatives have assumed since the events occurred. The real issue is whether a smoking gun can be found that will damage Hillary enough to make her vulnerable when she runs for president in 2016. Some in DNC circles are already concerned Hillary may be more damaged than many Democrats are willing to admit, and another big scandal involving Benghazi could be enough to tilt the scales against her.

By William Bigelow

On Sunday, Nick Merrill, a spokesman for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, revised the explanation of how Clinton’s emails were handled, claiming, “Every email was reviewed.”

“What was in the fact sheet were examples of techniques used by the reviewers to double and triple check they were capturing everything,” he explained. “This was NOT in lieu of reading them all, was in ADDITION to reading them all. We did not mean to imply otherwise.”

The Clinton team’s new version of what transpired was prompted by numerous media outlets noting that Clinton’s staff did not read each email before destroying it. READ MORE …

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Photo: Hillary Clinton Book. Photo by Mike Mozart.

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