Hillary’s Lawyers Say They Deleted E-mails Without Reading Them

Our Take!

You’ve got to be kidding me, right? How student does she think we all are?

By John Hayward,

Looks like we’ve got our answer to one of the lingering questions I listed after Hillary Clinton’s train-wreck press conference! It was Question Number 8, to be exact:

Clinton insists that the 30,000 emails she has deleted – purportedly about half of the correspondence stored on her server – was personal in nature. Who made that determination, and what criteria were used? Even if her claims are taken at face value, it seems unlikely Clinton herself reviewed the messages one at a time. Who assisted her in this task, and what security clearance did they possess?

The answer, courtesy of Time: nobody read the emails before deleting them. READ MORE …

[Published by Breitbart]

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