Hillary Caught in a Big Lie?

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The U.S. State Department may have just created a big, big problem for former Sec. Clinton.

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The State Department said Tuesday it has no record of Hillary Clinton signing a key form stating she turned over all official documents upon leaving the department — a form that was the subject of intense speculation since the issue could determine whether she broke the law.

That document is known as a “separation” form, which officials are supposed to sign upon leaving the department. It certifies that the person who signs it has turned over all “classified or administratively controlled” materials, as well as all “unclassified documents and papers” relating to official government business.

Given that Clinton exclusively used personal email while secretary of state and didn’t turn over official records until late last year, a former Justice Department official said last week that if Clinton signed that form, she probably gave a false statement and broke the law. READ MORE …

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