Cruz Wins Over NH College Students…For now

Our Take!

While Cruz may have garnered an standing ovation while talking to a college crowd in Nashua, NH – it is unlikely he will collect a substantial portion of these potential voters. Of course we know the college crowd tends to lean toward the left, but Cruz’ criticisms of the Democrats’ destructive policies and debt accumulation will not be enough to win over the more libertarian and conservative segments of this demographic. Cruz’ past statements and stances on marijuana policy and gay marriage will likely sink his chances in this market. When Rand Paul officially starts his campaign in early April, we will see much of the libertarian college crowd shift their support toward Paul.


By Alexander Marlow

NASHUA, New Hampshire — With a speech peppered with pop culture references, Texas Senator Ted Cruz brought a crowd of college students to their feet on three occasions Friday night at the New England Freedom Conference.

The first 2016 presidential candidate is the most prominent conservative speaking at the free enterprise-themed weekend hosted by conservative activist organization Young America’s Foundation.

Cruz, who paid homage to Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul for their ability to connect with young audiences, tailored his speech to the youthful crowd.

Of the 200+ in attendance at the Radisson Hotel Nashua, most were students.

The 44-year-old Texan presented himself as relentlessly positive in the face of intense and often nasty opposition. In his introduction, Reagan Ranch director Andrew Coffin compared the onslaught of attacks waged against Cruz to what Ronald Reagan endured.

Cruz laughed off the negativity. “Reagan dealt with things with a smile,” he said.

There were alot of smiles in the ballroom. The GOP Senator worked his comedy chops with anecdotes about his family and life in politics. At one point, he suggested that millennials punch their parents in the nose for voting in politicians who brought about destructive policies. READ MORE …

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Photo from Ted Cruz’ photo steam.