Ben Shapiro’s Questions About Hillary’s Secret Emails

Old Computer. Photo by ajmexico.

By Ben Shapiro, Breitbart, On Wednesday, prickly longtime Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines bridled at an accusation from Gawker that he, like Hillary staffer Huma Abedin, used a private address to handle his correspondence. He then emailed the Washington Post a lengthy and nasty letter condemning the media for their coverage of Hillary’s secret private email. The Post, taken aback, rebutted most of Reines’ assertions – Reines said that Gawker was “creepy” in attempting to find Huma Abedin’s email address, for example, and said that there were no records of his prior rantings at the State Department because he didn’t do any of that ranting, both dubious claims at best. It then printed a response to Reines from J.K. Trotter of Gawker, dismantling Reines’ arguments. He then asked a series of questions of Reines that Reines has not answered, including the following: Why have several FOIA requests for known email exchanges been rejected, because no records of them were found, when Clinton was secretary of state?… How many people have addresses, and what are their names? … Did you conduct any other State Department business on an email account other than your one? There are a great number of outstanding questions for Hillary Clinton. Here are just a few. … [Published by Breitbart, click here for more]

Photo by ajmexico.

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