Analysis: Cruz Has Slim Chance in 2016 Race

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Ted Cruz may be a favorite of many conservatives, and I admit I’d love to see him be president, but the myriad poor political (not ideological) choices he has made over the past four years makes him a rather poor candidate in the Republican primary relative to someone like Marco Rubio. Perhaps even more important is that Cruz’ demeanor and talents will not play well against Hillary Clinton (should he even make it that far). One of the best advantages a Republican could have over Clinton is a likable personality (Hillary really doesn’t have one), but Cruz’ personality is not warm and fuzzy enough to shine against Clinton, and even if it was, it wouldn’t matter because the media has already destroyed Cruz’ reputation nationally. Unfortunately for Cruz, I don’t seem him having much of a chance of actually winning. In fact, his candidacy probably only hurts the chances for other conservatives who have a more realistic chance of defeating Mrs. Clinton.

By Perry Bacon, Jr.

exas Sen. Ted Cruz may be the first major candidate to announce a 2016 presidential campaign, but his path to the Republican nomination could be hampered by the very thing that helped him burst onto the national scene: the 2013 government shutdown.

Cruz, joined by other strong conservatives in both the House and Senate, refused to back a government funding bill back then unless money to implement the Affordable Care Act was removed. While it was not technically a filibuster, Cruz delivered a 21-hour, 19-minute “talkathon” in opposition to the bill, at one point reading the children’s book “Green Eggs and Ham.”

He was unsuccessful. Republicans relented after a 16-day partial shutdown, with money for the ACA approved in the final bill.

Conservative activists were delighted with Cruz’s intense opposition to the hated Obamacare. But Republican moderates, particularly his colleagues in the Senate, fumed that Cruz led the party into a political disaster. They privately suggested Cruz had put his personal ambitions ahead of the GOP, as even two years ago it was clear the Texas senator was considering a 2016 presidential run.

Late last year, Cruz again delayed a government spending bill, this time in an attempt to block Obama’s executive action on immigration. He quickly yielded on the issue, but again irritated other Senate Republicans. READ MORE …

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