The Infuriating Case of Robert Healey

By Justin Haskins, Providence Journal,

When the election results for Rhode Island’s latest contentious gubernatorial race streamed in on Nov. 4, many throughout the state were shocked to see Moderate Party candidate Robert Healey attain 22 percent of the vote in a race where Democrat Gina Raimondo beat Republican Cranston Mayor Allan Fung with only 40 percent of the vote.

Healey’s 2014 showing doomed any hope Fung had of capturing the governor’s seat, and major publications across the nation ran one story after another in the wake of the election to discuss how remarkable it was that the obscenely-long-bearded Healey could garner so much support having spent only $36.29 on his campaign.

While Healey’s colorful personality and friendly demeanor may have been enough to win over one-fifth of Rhode Island voters, his decision to run ultimately was nothing more than a self-serving act in the pursuit of personal gain.

This isn’t the first time Healey has run for office and garnered massive support. Since founding the Cool Moose Party in 1994, Healey has run six campaigns, winning 39 percent of the vote in his 2010 bid for lieutenant governor — a campaign in which Healey’s central promise was to eliminate the office completely. …

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