Obama Foreign Policy Allows ISIS To Acquire WMDs

By Justin Haskins, The Daily Caller,

Media bias, disaster in the Middle East, and a befuddled White House. It’s just another day in the Obama administration.

In Wednesday’s New York Times, veteran reporter C.J. Chivers set the Internet ablaze with his eight-part investigative report that alleges that from 2004­–2011, the American military in Iraq encountered massive troves of dangerous chemical weapons but were required to remain silent on the important discoveries, as well as the injuries multiple soldiers endured while in their presence.

Chivers, citing multiple sources in the military, says that because the weapons found were produced prior to 1991, “[t]he discoveries of these chemical weapons did not support the government’s invasion rationale.”

Chivers says that because President George W. Bush based his support for an invasion, at least in part, on Saddam Hussein’s alleged efforts to produce new chemical and biological weapons, any evidence that stood in the way of that narrative had to be silenced. …

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