WATCH! Comparing Trump and Clinton TV Ads

Hillary Clinton in New Zealand, November 2010. Photo by U.S. Embassy. Hillary Clinton in New Zealand, November 2010. Photo by U.S. Embassy.

The 2016 election will surely become one of the most talked about elections in U.S. history, and one of the things I suspect historians will look back upon is Donald Trump’s decision to wait until the last possible minute to run campaign ads. I live in an important swing state, and I see ads for Hillary Clinton on a daily basis. I don’t, however, see ads for Donald Trump. I suspect that’s because Mr. Trump is still waiting to barrage the nation with ads in the run up to the election, which is now just over one month away. Will this strategy work? Possibly. The jury is still out. The success of Trump’s strategy may hinge entirely on how good his ads are compared to Hillary’s ads. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I think there’s no question Clinton’s ads are better and will resonate with Independents, especially women, in a way Trump’s ads won’t. Trump’s ads look like traditional political ads, while Hillary Clinton has done a nice job of thinking outside the box. And no, I don’t like Hillary Clinton and will not vote for her.

Take a look at the ads below by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Which do you think will resonate with Independents? In my opinion, Clinton’s ads are far superior to anything I’ve seen from Trump so far.


PICTURE: Hillary Clinton in New Zealand, November 2010. Photo by U.S. Embassy.

Clinton Ad 1

Clinton Ad 2

Trump Ad

Trump Ad 2

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